The Educalink (Universitas Excellentia) International University Certificate provides enrollment management and verification requests to the holder’s chosen university within the European Higher Education Area. This also includes universities from different education systems participating in our international university recognition scheme.


Educational institutions with this academic accreditation offer their students the opportunity to complete an international university degree.

To facilitate this, we assign equivalent ECTS credits to the duration (in hours) of each Educalink certification course. This reference is available to every student so that the European higher education institution of the student’s choice can assess the correspondence between the content of the completed course (which must be stated in the diploma issued by the training center) and its duration in order to provide verification.

Non-European universities do not use ECTS,

but consider durations in hours in the same way.

The Universitas Excellentia International University Certificate is not issued by any university and is not a substitute for a diploma or certificate to ensure students have a variety of options. This document is the most significant international academic support currently issued to students of the Global Training Centers, offering private non-supervised training programs (aimed at gaining knowledge and working in non-regulated occupations) with the possibility of entry into any European University or our related institutions Universities are able to get the best assurance and recognition from different education systems.